The Mele Cascades, Port Villa – 19/8/2011

Written by Josh (age 12)

The Mele Cascades are located just 10 minutes outside of Port Villa.  The Mele Cascades are the most visited waterfall in Vanuatu, which is probably due to its accessibility from Port Villa, rather than it being the most beautiful.  The waterfall is made up of a series of pool terraces, which culminates in a 35 meter waterfall that plummets into a pool below.

We visited the waterfall with another boat, ‘Stray Kitty’.  We caught a local bus from Port Villa to reach the waterfall, before the steep climb to the top of the falls.

We went swimming in one of the pools and slid down the rocks into it.  After returning to the boat,  we went to Stray Kitty for dinner and watched a couple of movies.

the kids

Tourist Information

Opening Hours:

  • 8.30 am – 5 pm


  • Adult: 2 000 vt/ Child: 1 000 vt


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