Jurong Bird Park – 16/11/12

On the 16th of November, 2012, we went to Jurong Bird Park. To get there we had to ride on two buses. Our first stop was the Penguin Coast. We saw many birds such as terns, rock-hoppers, fairy penguins, Atlantic puffins, king penguins and Humboldt penguins. We were given three fish each to toss to the penguins.

Near the entrance we got to hold two sun conures each, then walked to the Pools Amphitheater Birds and Buddies Show. We saw macaws and sulfur-crested cockatoos which flew a coupon for a free drink to a lucky kid. He also took money from people then returned it to them. They also brought flamingos and a few species of pelicans on stage. A green bird came up and said his name: Amigo. He could count to ten in English and Mandarin and could sing three songs in three languages. There were two macaws named Berry and Cocky who did a race to see who was the fastest fruit collector. Cocky won four times and Berry won zero.

We went to a hornbill talk. They talked about great pied hornbills. Great pied hornbills can survive their entire life (fifty years) without drinking water, because they get all the liquids they need from the fruit that they eat. We saw a rhinoceros hornbill and some toucans. The Lory Loft was a large building with thousands of lorikeets inside. There were rainbow lorikeets, red lorikeets and some other species. We bought some lorikeet food. We fed lots of lorikeets. A lot of the time they perched on us so that they could reach the food better. I really enjoyed it and Josh looked the happiest he had in years.

For lunch we had chicken pies, which I found hilariously ironic considering where we were.

The World of Darkness was an exhibit for owls. There were barn owls, snowy owls, Eurasian eagle owls, spotted wood owls, boobook owls and buffy fish owls.

We went to the Birds of Prey. We saw brahminy kites, African fish eagles, Steller’s sea eagles, turkey vultures and bald eagles.

Next we went to the Dinosaur Descendants and saw cassowaries and ostriches. We were given bananas to feed the ostrich. We were told to hold them out for him to take but we kept dropping them.

We went to the Bird Discovery Centre and learned about the monster bird of Madagascar and that some birds’ gizzards are strong enough to grind a surgeon’s blade.

Next we went to Jungle Jewels. We saw green peafowls, golden pheasants, Malaysian peacock pheasants, interned hill mynahs and saffron finches.

At the African Waterfall Aviary we saw many oriental white-eyes. I was called up and given a handful of live worms. The oriental white-eyes landed on my hand and started feeding.

Next was the Pools Ampitheatre Free Flying show. It was basically the Birds and Buddies show all over again.

We also went to swan lake and saw swans and a large iguana.

At the King of the Skies show we saw many types of predator birds hunt fake prey and fly all around us.

The Breeding Research Centre taught us all about eggs and chicks, which was quite interesting.

That was the bird park. – Tristan

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