Soave Castle – 4/5/2016

In the 10th century the castle of Soave was built to protect the place against the Hungarians. Later in 1596 the castle was sold at the private market when it lost its strategic importance. 1830 was the year that the castle was inherited by Giulio Camuzzoni and he re-established the castle.

You can get to the castle by using the stairs Via Castello Scaligeo or you can get there by car. You can park in the parking lot between the opening hours of the castle.

Opening hours: In the summer 9:00 -12:00; 15:00-18:00 ,  in the winter 9:00-12:00; 14:00-16:00 –  it is also closed on Monday and if not it is on a festival day.

Prices:  € 7.00 – € 5.00 for groups of more than 25 people – € 4.00 for high schools –  € 3.50 schools.

We spotted this castle by accident on the way from Verona. We took Max and Ava to see it, and it was really cool. A retired gentleman restored it in the late 1800s, it certainly has a beautiful outlook over the walled town and vineyards.

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