Boat Haul at Peake’s – 12/7/2017

After nearly two years, Utopia badly needed a new bottom paint, especially after her visit up a river in Brazil. We hoped we would only be out of the water for a week, as it is not easy living on the hardstand with or even without kids, but three weeks later we were finally done.  A lot more expensive than the last haul out in Thailand but hopefully that means the bottom paint will last longer.  We did enjoy the doubles, rotis and air conditioning while at the boat yard.

Its always a little nerve wracking watching your home get lifted out of the water
DSCF0712 (664x800)
These guys were unperturbed by the action and just sat and watched
The boat gets her power wash, while the kids escape the shower
Utopia is moved from the sling and transported to the hard stand

Asa Wright Nature Centre – 9/7/2017

We spent a wonderful few hours at the nature centre during our stay in Trinidad.  The once unsuccessful coffee plantation was bought by Newcombe and Asa Wright.  Asa hosted many scientists to see the oilbird caves and visitors who came to view the wildlife at the adjoining plantation, owned by zoologist William Beebe.  As the plantations became more difficult to manage numerous conservationist stepped in and setup a trust to manage the Asa Wright Center for people to come and see the wildlife.

We drove the winding road through the forests to reach the center where we enjoyed a light lunch on the veranda overlooking bird feeders.  It was truly magical watching these tiny little hummingbirds go from trees to feeders at lightning speed, we were all entranced.  There were quite a few species which kept us entertained for ages.

Blink and you’ll miss them

A guide from the center took all those interested on a walk through garden and a small part of the forest, where we saw a lot of beautiful plants and a few different bird species.  A very educational experience.  I highly recommend a visit to this place.

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