River Tubing – 26/10/2017

After two failed attempts to go rafting for our friend, Elliot’s 18th birthday, the rain finally let up and the river went down enough that we could go.  Venessa organised a bus to take us up to the Balthazar estate where we went rafting with the Adventure River Tubing company.

DSCN2347 (800x570)
Our group of river tubers: Elliot, Gary, Marina, Venessa, Dad, Tristan, Mum, Ava and Cindy
Buddies: Ava and Marina, Tristan and Elliot

We were geared up with all the safety equipment, helmets and life jackets before being taken down to the river where we were given a quick run down on the rules before we were individually launched into the river.  Because there had been a lot of rain, the river was high and the trip was actually quite fast, probably only 20 minutes.

Photos in a clockwise direction: Cindy, Ava, Elliot and Venessa
Photos in a clockwise direction: Photo 1: Andrew, photo 2: Venessa, Photo 3: Venessa, Gary and Cindy, Photo 4: Max and Photo 5: Gary

The Deeley Boys

It was a lot of fun, but over very quickly.  The staff were polite but I wouldn’t say exuberantly friendly, however they were very watchful of all of us in the water and quick to act if someone was stuck on a rock or tipped out of the tube (that only happened to one person).   Our friends Venessa and Marina had done this trip before and had taken cconsiderably longer, partly due to a slower running river and because they stopped part way to swim and the guides jumped off the rocks and did somersaults etc.  I’m unsure whether that didn’t occur on our trip because of the high level of the river.  Would I do it again?  I’m not sure it was value for money by the time you pay for a bus up there and then a 25 minute tube ride I would do it again elsewhere if at a cheaper cost or a longer trip.

Adventure River Tubing

Cost – $45 US a person

The river trip runs at 9, 11.30 and 2 pm

Contact Details: Website: http://www.adventuregrenada.com/ email:  adventure@spiceisle.com phone: (473) 3974

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