Halloween Party – 27/10/2017

by Tristan

On Friday the 27th of October, the local Halloween party up at the pool of the Secret Harbour Marina raged in full swing. Loud music blared from speakers, and hundreds of participants wandered, danced, and drank all around the floors. Among our friends and family, some of the most interesting costumes had to be channel markers, Emperor Nero, a priest, skeletons, vampires, the works. I went as a goth girl (minus black lipstick, though; supplies were low). Many of the kids danced on the dancefloor until around 9, when the DJ asked all the kids to move so the adults could dance. Most of the kids and their families left around then, but I stayed a while longer with my friends Elliott (who went as Ghostface, from Scream) and Niall (a pirate, though without his machete, thanks to the security guards). Many college students came in later in the evening, though not many danced. Many had full costumes and make-up, and ranged from the very scary (grotesque monsters and characters from horror movies) to the near ridiculous (men in tutus, one person dressed as a bed-stand.) Everyone enjoyed themselves greatly, and most drank their way through the night with rum punches. My legs crushed by the stockings, I eventually headed back to the boat before my fake breasts broke too much.

DSCF1186 (600x800)
Above: Some well-founded, dubious looks regarding cling wrap really doing anything to heat the dye in my hair; come on, Mum!   Didn’t work, of course.
 Clockwise from top left: 1. Marina and Elliott, as a dead cheerleader and Ghostface. 2. Elliott and a South African man from Simonstown, dressed in skins. 3. Max in all his priestly holiness. 4. Gary and Venessa as a dead bride and groom.
 Clockwise from top left: 1. Elliott and the Simonstown man; 2. Scott and Cindy dressed as several superheroes rolled into one, 3. Mum dressed as the queen of hearts, in a simple costume that took a surprisingly long time and I know because I helped, 4. Scott and Mum play in the latest movie crossover; Superman vs Queen of Hearts, 5. Rhonda dressed as a green channel marker and me and 6. Most of the bartenders dressed as police officers.
DSCF1198 (800x600)
 Above: Elliott, Niall and I. Niall’s having trouble keeping his hands to himself.
Above (clockwise from top left): 1. All the kids in costume. 2. Scott, Mum, and an enthusiastic Marina. 3. Gary, Scott, Cindy and Mum all having fun at the party.
Clockwise from top left: 1. Mum, Niall, Michael and I all slumped against the wall after hard dancing. 2. Nina and Maxwell (Emperor Nero) doing some crazy dancing on the dancefloor. 3. All the kids in costume; Maxwell is drinking the Kool-Aid that will soon result in a sugar-propelled dance craze.

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