Ava’s 12th Birthday – 2/11/2017

by Ava

We started my 12th birthday with a cooked breakfast that consisted of bacon, hash-browns, baked-beans and eggs.

After that we went to shore to the volleyball courts to play volley-ball, all my friends where there: Nina, Erin, Mairen, Michael, Bianca, Arianna, Marina, Siobhan and Zoe, along with their siblings and of course my family too and our volley-ball teacher, Cindy and her husband, Scott.  We all played for about an hour and by then the sand was really hot and burning our feet.

DSCF1240 (800x585)
Coach Cindy with the Volleyball team.
Volley-ball Serves in a clockwise direction from the top, Me, Arianna, Nina and dad.

We went up to the pool to cool off, while mum and dad went back to cook the sausages and bring the food.  We had lunch of chips, sausages in bread and Bianca’s mum bought a spinach pie she had made and Behan bought my favourite, CORNBREAD.  It was delicious. Mum and Tristan had to go back to the boat to get the cake, the candles would stay lit because of the wind, but the cake was good.

 Cutting Cake: Clockwise direction from the left, Michael, Tristan, Siobhan, Nina, Mairen, Bianca, Arianna, Marina, Erin, Seamus, Zoe and me in the middle next to the cake.
Big thanks to Venessa for taking this family photo on Ava’s birthday.

The boys went swiming and my friends ambushed me with presents and cards. One of the presents I got was a basil plant, that I named MS, which stood for my two best friends Marina and Siobhan, sadly it died soon after. We went back swimming while the parents went back to the boats, mum had to get ready for pizza night.  So just the kids left to play.

 The Girls Eating Cake: Clockwise Direction from Left Bianca, Marina, Me and Arianna. Photo 2: Bianca, Marina, Me, Arianna, Siobhan and Mairen. Photo 3:  Arianna. Photo 4:  Me and Marina.
 Swimming: Clockwise direction: Photo 1: from the left, Elliott, Michael, Niall and Tristan. Photo 2: from the left, Max, Tristan, Michael and Seamus. Photo 3: from the top: Tristan, Niall and Elliott.
All of the Kids Doing a Conga Line: Bianca, Max, Michael, Elliott, Tristan, Niall, Siobhan, Me, Mairen and Arianna.
DSCF1304 (600x800)
Me and Dad

We had to leave because it was getting dark and because we were having a pizza night with Totem on our boat.  I had a sleepover on my boat to finish of my birthday with my best friends Siobhan and Marina.  For breakfast the next morning I had stuffed french-toast which is where you have jam and cream cheese which is made into a sandwich and fried like french-toast.

DSCF1305 (800x557)
Avicci Sleepover: Me on the Left, Marina in the Middle and Siobhan on the Right.

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