Around Island Tour

We did a bus tour of the island of Anjouan with some of the cruisers we were travelling with.  As we were  driving to our first stop a strong aroma of cloves could be smelt, it was then we noticed along the roadside and on roofs were tarps spread with drying red cloves.

Our first stop was a ylang-ylang distillery set in a ramshackle shed.  I have to admit that ylang-ylang is one of my favourite scents, so it was pretty cool to see the whole process to make the fragrant oil, most of which is shipped to France for use in perfume.

There were a couple of very cute little boys sitting on a thatched roof watching us while we visited the distillery.

DSCF6146 (800x586)

Our drive to Moya talk us through the hills where we stopped to look at the view and met some of the friendly locals walking by.

We reached Moya where we wandered the maze of streets to a small hill with a lookout over the water and town.  The boats had obviously just come in and were busy unloading their catches, while the many goats surrounding us and climbing the trees watched on. Andrew smiled and waved at all the little kids and like always managed to elicit shy smiles back.

DSCF6175 (800x592)

We stopped at a restaurant with a great view for lunch, but the best part was this makeshift goat pen, I love it!  A very unique re-use and recycle idea.

DSCF6184 (800x600)DSCF6188 (800x628)

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