Carnival (Spicemas) – Day 1 – J’ouvert Grenada – 15/8/2017

Began the morning at 3.30 am to get the 4.30 bus for the start of carnival. Today is not the traditional costumed parade that comes tomorrow. Today is about Jab Jab, where people dress with devil horns, chains and cover themselves in used car engine oil or varying colours of paint. As they dance through the street, they hug onlookers or dab oil and paint on them. Max approached them and asked for it, it wasn’t long before everyone joined in, some of us more reluctantly than others. By dawn the party was in full swing, the kids and adults alike were painted and enjoying themselves.

From what I can find out J’ouvert it started in Grenada/Trinidad by locals, who were banned from participating in masquerade balls of the french settlers.  So they started there own form of masquerade street party.

DSCF0802 (800x626)

Us by the end of j’ouvert

Tristan 'the Lorikeet' Deeley (600x800)DSCF0776 (611x800)

Our bright and colourful kids by the end of the morning.

The cruising community enjoying j’ouvert

The locals enjoying J’ouvert, I love the little guy at the end with his bike chain and grease covered clothes.

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