Crater Bay

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

Henry Miller

DSCF6228 (800x217)

We spent two months in Madagascar and used Crater Bay as our base.  Crater Bay has a nice calm anchorage with a dinghy dock, a small yacht club and a short walk into town.  The yacht club frequently organises events for the cruisers in the area, whether its a pork spit roast, telecast of important football or rugby events or just evening sun-downers.

Most days the kids would rush to finish their school work so they could meet their friends ashore to play cards, hang man, play with a litter of puppies or walk into town.

DSCF6702 (600x800)

A short walk into town and you have a daily fresh market selling fruit and vegetables, hairdressers, restaurants and small supermarkets.  One of the things Andrew loved about Madagascar is the lack of plastic and therefore lack of rubbish.  You have to take your own bags and you can buy cheap bags woven from banana or palm leaves.  The other great thing is the friendly locals who always smile and wave.  Everybody sings and/or plays music and you hear it as you walk past a shop or house. The evening and weekends you often see women braiding each others or kids hair and chatting. The local kids make their own toys out of what they can find lying around.

DSCF6211 (800x589)
The main street into town, very navigable during the day not so easy at night, definitely need a torch.

You do have to watch out for the bullocks pulling carts of supplies as you wander the streets.  An interesting fact: they steer the bullocks right or left by squeezing the right or left testicle.  Ouch!

What better way to wake up in the morning to the sound of the fisherman singing as they go about their day.  I also love the fact that they reuse everything, old fabric is stitched together to make a sail for their boat.

Its amazing how much they can fit in a boat, whether its people, food or hardware.  Its a beautiful sight at dusk seeing the boats sailing.

Have I convinced you to stop in Madagascar for a visit?

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