Sri Lanka to Maldives Passage – 17/3/2015 – 23/3/2015

“Live your life by a compass not a clock.”

Stephen Covey

We left Trincomalee, Sri Lanka with Totem on the 17th of March headed for Uligama for a 5 day passage.  There was very little wind throughout the passage and most of the time we motor sailed. 

One interesting thing that happened on this passage was a water spout.  Never heard of one?  Well think tornado but over water.  Technically its a vortex column that occurs over water and is connected to clouds above it.  Water spouts are generally weaker than tornadoes and most do not suck up water, that being said we have heard stories of boats being overturned.  Apparently they usually occur in tropical and sub-tropical areas.  While it was very cool to watch it form and grow we did give it a very wide berth.

Water Spout (768x1024)

Andrew also caught a large mahi mahi on route which will provide a few meals.  There were no waves and it was so calm we baked bread and cookies and no one felt sea sick.

DSCF4573 (754x1024)

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