Halloween on Honey River

We have spent most of the year travelling with American, Canadian and one English boat, so it makes sense that the kids wanted to celebrate Halloween.  We did it early as it was the last time all the boats would be together.

Our last night in Honey River the kids had a fantastic time creating their costumes, by borrowing things from each other to come up with something.  At dusk the excited kids and teens embarked on their trick or treating around the anchorage in dinghies.  There were some interesting costume choices, namely Tristan’s or Tristinas.  Tristan and Lola decided to go as cheerleaders.  Yes its surprising that a boy dressed up as a girl, but what was also surprising was to see Lola in both girl colours and a skirt.  Lola’s normal attire is dark pants and long shirts. The kids received an array of treats, basically anything sweet people had on board, after being in the Indian Ocean for so many months no one had a lot.

Hermione and Max the tourist on the left and the cheerleaders on the right

During the kids scary movie marathon the adults congregated on Morning Glory for snacks and drinks.

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