Lemuria Land Parc

Lemuria Land Park is located about 10 minutes from Hellville and opened to the public in 2010.  The park is set in 8 hectares of botanical gardens featuring endemic flora species of not only Nosy Be, but all of Madagascar.  It provides the opportunity to see a wide range of lemurs that are found throughout Madagascar as well as other fauna like boa constrictors, chameleons, geckos and Nile crocodiles.  There is also a ylang ylang distillery on the grounds, which if your lucky enough may be processing during your visit.

We are not big on visiting zoos, but after having seen the black lemurs on Nosy Komba we were keen to see the other species of lemur that are not from Nosy Be, namely the ring tailed lemur made famous in the movie Madagascar.  So we spent a few hours with our friends from ‘Momo’ at the Lemuria Park.

DSCF6450 (582x800)
Not sure if these guys are aggressive, but they are kept separate from the other lemurs on their own island.  Amazing how the Dreamworks movie put Madagascar on the map.

There are many lemurs wandering freely around the park who are very accustomed to humans, while others are kept in enclosures.

The two photos on the left are of the black lemurs and the one on the right is of the white-collared brown lemur, notice the baby wrapped around its middle.

Andrew in particular liked the cockeral Sifaka, which are known as the big jumpers.

While the main draw-card to visit the park is to see the lemurs, there are other species worthy of seeing and will definitely interest kids.  You can have a boa constrictor wrapped around you.  This was a big lure for our reptile loving son, Tristan.  I love Ava’s face in the photo below.

There are also Nile crocodiles in pits, the babies are kept separate from the parents so they don’t end up as dinner.

While riding turtles at zoos is no longer done in western countries, younger kids may enjoy sitting on the back of one of the giant turtles from the Seychelles.

And of course you can’t miss the chameleons if you can spot them.

Perhaps more of interest to parents or teens is the Ylang-ylang distillery which missionaries started back in 1889 and where you can see the distillation process. Also nearby is a rhumerie where you can sample some of the run.

DSCF6491 (800x600)

Tourist Information for Lemuria Land Parc

Opening Hours:

  • Monday – Saturday: 8.30 am to 5 pm
  • Sunday: 8.30 am to 1 pm


  • Adults: 45 000 Ariary
  • Children (5 to 12 years), residents with ID, Malagasy: 10 000 ariary
  • Children under 5: free

For further information click on the link or visit the following website: https://www.lemurialand.com/

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