Little Adam’s Peak – 25/2/2015

written by Tristan (aged 14)

Little Adam’s Peak looks similar to its big brother, Adams Peak, where the foot-print of  Buddha is preserved.  Some people also call it ‘Punchi Sri Pada’.  Little Adams Peak stands at 1141 meters.

While we were in Ella we decided to do the easiest and closest hike up ‘Little Adams Peak’.  Everyone except Josh went for a walk, Josh unfortunately had to stay behind to get an assignment finished. 

It was a long walk through the tea fields, where we passed a lot of tea-pickers, male and female, who were plucking and collecting the tea leaves.

Tea pickers.  Beware if they see you take their photo, they will want you to pay.

Max and Ava had a go at picking a leaf too.  Our walk up the peak.

The view at the top of the hill was amazing. Unfortunately, the pinnacle of the hill was a bit too high for Dad and I, so only Mum went up to the very top, while we relaxed and waited for her. Mum said she had a 360° view from the top and it was breathtaking.

We passed a few cows grazing on the hill and Ava patted one of them. On the way back down, Dad, Max and I had some curd and honey, which was really nice.


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