Mackwood’s Tea Estate and the Hatton Summer House – 23/2/2015

Written by Max 

History of Mackwoods

Maxwoods is the second eldest company in Sri Lanka and was founded in 1841 by Captain William Mackwoods.  Mackwoods remained in his family until 1956, producing Ceylon tea almost since the plantation industries inception. In 1956 the company was bought by N.S.O. Mendis a Sri Lankan and has remained in his family ever since.  In fact Sriyani Nonis was the first female Sri Lankan to run a plantation company until her death in 2005.

DSCF4247 (800x466)

Today the companies plantation has diversified from producing ceylon tea and now also produce green teas, herbal teas and flavoured teas.  Today you can do a guided tour around the factory and enjoy a morning or afternoon tea overlooking the tea estate. 

Mackwoods tea plantation and one of the workers picking the leaves

We drove from Candy through the mountains to reach Mackwoods plantation.  We purchased tickets to do the tour of the factory.  A lady took us and showed us the machines, that rolled, cut and dried the tea leaves before they package and ship the tea. 

ad10 (800x630)

After the tour we had morning tea with chocolate cake, and b.o.p tea.  B.o.p. tea means it is made from broken leaves of orange pekoe tea and it tasted nice. – 11 year old Max

Us and Mackwoods Tea Plantation (800x630)

number 9 (800x619)

Hatton Summer House

After having tea, we were driven to Hatten Summer House.  The estate has several cottages set on the  Castlereigh Reservoir and is surrounded by tea plantations on the surrounding hills.

When we got to Hatton Summer House, we relaxed and had some tea, we had a really good view. We walked around the gardens and looked at the pool, but it was a bit cold to go swimming.

Mum also had here birthday there and we had a cake.

number 5 (478x800)

Tourist Information for Mackwoods Tea Estate and Hatton House

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