Moramba Bay

We spent a few days down in Moramba bay, we visited a little village where the kids ran up to meet us as we came ashore, unfortunately they spoke no English or French, just their local language, so communication was difficult, but there was a lot of smiling and waving. 

DSCF6539 (800x589)
Look at those gorgeous faces!

These guys have so little, so we all collected clothing our kids had outgrown, sheets, toys, empty jars and donated them to the village.

DSCF6542 (800x640)

We didn’t do a lot during our stay, unfortunately Andrew had terrible gout from all the crab he ate while we were at Honey River and could barely move.  We did have locals visit our boats to trade crabs, prawns and some fruit for items we had on our boats, clothing etc.

DSCF6572 (800x532)DSCF6573 (800x506)

There were lemurs in the trees near the beaches and they were very curious about what we were all doing, they would sit close in the branches and just watch. The lemurs would come down near the kids when they were playing on the beach. The landscape is dotted with boab trees, I love them, they are like living sculptures.

We had a potluck thanksgiving one day while here and even celebrated Blake’s birthday off Windarra.  Sadly we said goodbye, the rest of the boats were heading South while we returned back up to Nosy Be.

DSCF6568 (800x600)

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