Up until 2015, boats entering Sri Lanka would go to Galle, however Behan (Totem) organised and gained permission for us to anchor in Trincomalee.

DSCN1792 (600x800)

 Tristan hoisting up the Sri Lankan flag

We spent a month in Sri Lanka and two of those weeks were in Trincomalee.  We used our time here to provision for the Maldives, catch up on school work and wandering around the town.  We spent a lot of time at the markets getting fruits and vegetables and by the end we even had our preferred vendors.  Andrew joined in a game of cricket with some school kids, the cricket pitch seemed to always be in use. 

There are always repairs or things to fix when you arrive somewhere.  This time Andrew had to find someone who could make him a tube for locking the dinghy, we also had to find a new vacuum, get new fishing supplies and a multitude of other small jobs.  We enjoyed our time in Trincomalee.

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