Nosy Antsoha – 3/11/2015

The tranquil island of Nosy Antsoha is located about 28 km southwest of Nosy Be and adventure in the form of lemurs awaits you.  The island is owned by Lemuria Land Park in Hellville and they established a small colony of lemurs of different species here, we had heard that they were rejected lemurs either because of injuries or inappropriate behaviour for the park in Hellville.

We had celebrated Ava’s birthday the day prior on a nearby island and decided to make a trip to Nosy Antsoha to see the lemurs.  We dragged our dinghy ashore and were greeted by a guide who manages the island and were very quickly ambushed, I mean surrounded by lemurs of all shapes and sizes. 

DSCF6700 (800x600)

So its time to meet some of the different lemur species that we met on the island.  We met one particularly shy individual who wouldn’t come too close and was very happy to watch from a nearby tree.  I would say he was brought to the island due to the injury to his eye.  This little guy is a black and white ruffed lemur and found in the eastern rainforests of Madagascar 

DSCF6670 (600x800)

The most rambunctious of the lemurs was definitely the white collared brown lemurs.  They were the lemurs who were definitely not afraid of humans and quite comfortable to sit indefinitely on your shoulder. The ones that are all brown are females and the ones with a little white are the males. These little guys are currently considered vulnerable due to the rapid destruction of their habitat, pet trade and being sold for meat.

The next of these beautiful creatures is the black lemur, which is actually a little confusing, because only the male is black, the female is actually brown.  Looks like the boys liked Ava.  These guys are only found in the north of Madagascar, but can live in both rainforests and deserts.  The numbers of this species are unknown, but they appear to be threatened by habitat destruction.

Last but not least is the final species of lemur that we saw, the Verreaux’s Sifaka and there was quite a little colony of these guys.  They are sometimes referred to as the dancing lemur as when they are on ground they hop along on their hind legs. Unfortunately they have a grim future due to habitat loss, pet trade and hunting for meat.

It was an incredible experience that we thoroughly enjoyed, I think you can tell by the smiles on everyone’s faces.  The best part was that it was just us, one guide, who really left us to it and lots of lemurs.  

Somehow I managed to miss getting a single, non-blurry photo of Max with a lemur.  Sorry Maxi.

Tourist Information for Nosy Antsoha

We drove our dinghy to reach the island, but if you don’t have your own boat you can still get there. Boats leave from Ambatoloaka Beach on Nosy Be to Nosy Antsoha and it takes about 1 hour 20 minutes.  You can find out further information through the following email: or through the website:

The price to visit the lemurs as of 2019 is 15 000 Ariary this may include the price of the boat ride.

Information is accurate as of April 2019


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