Train to Ella – 24/2/2015

Written by Ava (aged 9)

On the 24th of February, 2015 we drove in a car to the train station. When we got there, there was only 2nd class carriage tickets left, so we got them and had something to eat while we waited for the train.

DSCF4274 (800x600)

When we boarded the train we looked for seats, but we couldn’t see any, so we stood in the door way and looked out at the view as we raced past.

We went through a couple of tunnels and we saw a couple of carriages broken down on the hill. There was also a lot of tea plantations.  We waved to the local people as we went past.  It took about 4 hours to reach Ella and I LOVED IT!!

Trains to Ella Tourist Information

Train tickets can be purchased 30 days in advance at a train station or you can turn up on the day and purchase them from the ticket counter.  Further information on train schedules can be found by either clicking on the link or using the following website:


  • 2nd class – 160 Rupees
  • 3rd class – 90 Rupees


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