Tropic of Capricorn

“Everything you do is based on the choices you make”

Wayne Dyer

We decided to hire a RV for our two week trip to Namibia, unfortunately what we didn’t realise was that only the  main highway in Namibia is paved, the rest is dirt roads.  While dirt roads don’t seem so back they are with an RV, everything shook tremendously, so much so that the last day in the RV I opened a cupboard and a plate fell out smashing the glass cover over the burners, an expensive mistake.  I had also pre-booked campsites throughout Namibia in Fish Canyon (second biggest canyon in the world) and down near the sand dunes.  We did make it to the Fish Canyon campsite, unfortunately when trying to drive to fish canyon the whole RV shook so much we had to turn around and go back to camp.  After the attempted drive to Fish Canyon we cancelled our accommodation down at the sand dunes and extended Etosha by a night.

While the RV was not really suited to Namibia, it did have some advantages, like air conditioning, it was incredibly hot at the end of February in Namibia and we could at least cool off inside the RV during the hottest parts of the day and relax.  The RV also allowed for us to stop at water holes in the parks and cook lunch or breakfast while watching the animals.

Overall the RV is good for paved roads and probably a couple or family with only two children, a bit of a tight squeeze for a family of 6.  But we had a lot off fun during our two weeks.DSCF7124 (800x400)

We hired our RV, a vista 6, through Helderberg Camper Hire.  We booked with only a few weeks notice so it was a little hard to find a place that had a RV available.  There are quite a few camper hire places surrounding the Cape Town area.  For the link for the one we used click here.

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