Udawalawe National Park – 27/2/2015

Udawalawe National Park was established in 1972, to create a 30 000 hectare sanctuary for animals who were displaced by the construction of the Udawalawe Reservoir. Udawalawe has a herd of about 250 elephants, which are believed to have been attracted to the park because of the Udawalawe reservoir.  Other animals which call Udawalawe home include the leopard, sloth bear (seldom seen), jackal, water buffalo and deer.

We had an early morning start as it is quite a drive from where we were staying to reach Uldawalawe.  Once in the game park we stopped by a section of the reservoir for breakfast.

The most prolific species of animal we saw was definitely the elephant.  We saw them pawing the dirt, swimming, eating and in the pouring rain.

Dotted throughout the reservoir are dead trees which is a visual reminder that the land was once home to forest.

DSCF4395 (800x349)

We did see a variety of birds like storks, kingfishers and a beautiful peacock.

As we were driving around the park we had a jackal come out in front of a jeep, so we stopped to have a look.

DSCF4426 (800x583)

Tourist Information:

Park Entry Fees

  • Day visit: Adult – $15 USD/Child 6 – 12 years – $8 USD
  • Overnight visit: – $30 USD/Child 6 – 12 years – $16 USD
  • Vehicle Fees: Jeep – 250 R/Car – 125 R/Van – 250 R/Bus 650 R
  • Not there is a $8 USD service charge and 15% VAT on top of the prices

Opening Hours

  • 6 am – 6 pm

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