Dirty Jobs

Most blogs tell you all the positives of a place or a lifestyle, they don’t show you the negatives.  If you have ever seen the TV series ‘Dirty Jobs’ with Mike Rowe, well this is Utopia’s version.

Most people think when you say you live on a boat that it is luxurious, a holiday or an easy life, but it is busy and there are lots of unpleasant jobs.  Here are some of the jobs you have to do on Utopia, that you may not like doing, ranked in order according to the kids.

8. Cans/bottle disposal – If you are on a long passage out to sea, you can’t store all of your rubbish.  That means somebody has to fill up the cans and bottles and sink them overboard.

DSCF4733 (767x1024)

7. Finding the rotten eggs – a relatively simple task fill a jug and see which ones float or sink.  If they are rotten they will float.  If they are fresh they will sink and lie on their side.  If they are a few weeks old they will stand on their end at the bottom.  Unfortunately its the ones that are a few weeks old that have caused us problems.  There is nothing worse than making a cake and adding the egg only to have to throw it out the batter as we found in Chagos. 

DSCF4715 (1024x816)

6. Water filters – If you live on a boat, chances are you will have a water maker that has water filters.  Somebody has to clean those or you don’t drink water.

DSCF4734 (768x1024)

5. De-weeviling – Crossing the Indian Ocean and staying in a remote place like Chagos, you can’t nip to the shop to replace your rice when it has weevils.  This requires someone to sieve the weevils out.  All rice, pasta and four contains weevil eggs, but in normal society they would be sold and replaced before they hatch, not so in remote locations.

DSCF4706 (858x1024)

4. Re-filling dive tanks – You want to dive then you have to refill the tanks using the dive compressor.  That means somebody has to stand on deck with the noise, fumes and in the sun to do it, while you disturb everyone in the anchorage.

DSCF4765 (677x1024)

3. Jerry Jugs – Sometimes there is no fuel dock and you have to either walk jerry jugs to a petrol station or to a car to drive to a petrol station.  The hard part is carrying them back when full.


2. Finding the right screw – The kids hate this job.  Even though the screws are roughly organised according to size you can never find the right one to fit.  The kids spend ages trying to get the right match.

20190424_173425 (600x800)

  1. Fixing Toilets – toilets get blocked or the masurator breaks and somebody has to squeeze into a small space to pull the toilet apart and fix it.  You don’t want to know what your going to get covered in.

20190424_173347 (566x800)

Well there you have it the list of dirty jobs and that doesn’t even include the washing, dishes, cleaning bathrooms or emptying rubbish.  A busy life, but a good one.




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