Chiang Rai, Golden Triangle, Karen Hilltop Tribe – 12/1/2013 (for information on Chiang Rai (opening times)

50 Baht per person for foriegners for entrance fee

Karen Hilltop Village Official Website:


DSCF2037 (600x800)

The wishing well at Chiang Rai, where you can toss a coin for a wish.

The wishing trees, here you can put your name on a medallion and hang it on the tree for 30 baht.

This beautiful, ornately decorated, gold building is in fact the toilets.  It represents the body and the colour gold on how people focus on worldly desires and money and that we should instead focus on the mind instead of material possessions.

At the start of the bridge are hands reaching out which are humans who have been cast into hell and represent desire, greed and lust.  The main white building is where you reach enlightenment.  

We did a river trip in the Golden Triangle Area where Laos, Myanmar and Thailand meet, its also one of the largest opium producing areas in the world.


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