Goodbye South Africa, Hello Namibia – 2/3/2017

After 14 months in Simon’s Town I felt sad to be leaving a place that feels so familiar its like home.  We all eagerly watched the seals playing on the surface of the water as we sailed out of the bay.  The weather was great and the water so calm a contrast to what we had when we arrived in Simon’s Town last year.  The notorious Cape of Good Hope, was very kind and it was almost like sailing on a lake.

20170302_083347 (800x477)

View looking back at Simon’s Town as we left

Ava on the bow as we left Simon’s Town.  Cape of Good Hope on a calm day

24 hours into our passage a few things started to break, after having sat at a marina for 12 months I guess it was to be expected, so we called in to Saldanha Bay for a few days to make repairs, before continuing our journey to Namibia. Interestingly while there we heard friends that we had left in Seychelles on the Radio.  Andrew contacted them and they were as surprised as we were to end up being in the same part of the world.

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