Hellfire Pass – 21/1/2013

On the 21st of January, 2013, we went to the Hellfire Pass. The small museum next to it told us all about Konyu Cutting (Hellfire Pass.) It showed us what they ate (a few vegetables, rice and dried fish), rations, and the sicknesses.

The Hellfire Pass took approximately 250,000 Asian labourers and 6,000 prisoners of war to build it. It took them from 1942 – 1945 to build it, but about 92,400 people died. They died from cholera, beriberi, pelegra, malaria, dysentery, tropical ulcers and more. After the completion of the railway, the POWs that were still surviving were either kept in Thailand or sent back to Singapore. However, many who recovered still carried mental scars.

As we walked through Hellfire Pass, we saw small holes in the rock where dynamite would have been stuck to blast out the rock and a broken drill bit embedded in the rock.

After finishing at Hellfire Pass, we went on a very loud, old-fashioned train which drove along some of the Thai-Burma Railway and across a bridge with a good view of the River Kwai.

– Tristan

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