Jamestown – 8/4/2017 – 21/4/2017

We arrived in St Helena in the early evening but unfortunately due to bad weather we were advised to stand off and not try to come in.  So that met heaving to until light when we could come in and pick up a mooring.  At the time it was very disappointing as we were all tired after 8 days at sea and ready to sleep.

We were not able to clear in until later in the day as it wasn’t safe with the waves to get the ferry to shore.  I must admit I was feeling very apprehensive of getting on and off the ferry at shore.  Basically the ferry sides up to the dock and when the waves lift the ferry up, you grab the rope and jump off, but you really need to time it carefully as the ferry could be a few meters below you or move out from the shore.  The kids enjoyed using the rope to get on and off and didn’t have the same fear that I had.

Tristan, Max and Ava on shore with the ropes you use to get on and off the ferry.  The ferry service to take you from your boat to the shore.

Jamestown is a bit like a quaint English village.  The stores supplies are dependent on what can be grown on the island, which is very limited and dependent on monthly deliveries from the HMS St Helena.  This had been a bad year for the ship as it had, had to cancel some trips due to engine problems which meant the Saints wouldn’t get their food, mail, cars and anything else supplied.  The ship was due to retire the previous year as the airport was to replace it.  Unfortunately problems with the planes landing meant that the airport opening has been delayed and the ship is struggling.  We were fortunate during our 3 weeks there to be able to get fresh vegetables and supplies.

One of the highlights beside the ferry trip for the kids would have been when they were jumping off the back of the boat and swimming they spotted a whale shark.  Supposedly they had all ready left.  The kids and Andrew jumped in the dinghy with their snorkel gear and drove near it before jumping in.  It was a juvenile but still big.  Andrew had Max and Ava get in the dinghy a few times when it got curious and came near, he was a bit worried it might accidentally eat them.

We enjoyed our time in St Helena, this little jewel of an island, I couldn’t live somewhere this isolated, but the Saint’s make it work.  Hopefully they get the airport up and running to bring in the tourist business for the locals and boost their economy.

DSCF0438 (800x597)

Jamestown on a calm day.

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