Our Time in Walvis Bay

The bay where the boats anchor is a long walk to town and can be difficult to find a taxi to get there, sometimes you can ask at the bar at the end of the jetty to call you one, you can wait at the edge of the parking lot or walk over to the nearby Walvis Bay Waterfront (during lunch and dinner there are frequently taxis dropping people off)

You can either drag your dinghy up the shore and leave it there or if you time it right you can tie up to the jetty, just keep in mind the tides do vary a lot and it may end up beached.


I was waiting for a taxi to do our final provisioning when I saw this pair of pelicans which kept me enthralled until they flew off.

During our passage from Simon’s Town to Namibia we heard the name ‘Divanty’ on the radio several times.  We thought it was weird because we had left Divanty in the Seychelles 18 months earlier and they were headed back to India.  Likewise they heard us on the radio and thought we would have been in the Caribbean by now.  Through email we discovered we were both headed for Namibia to do the Atlantic crossing, they had a few problems and were going to be a few days later than us.  We ended up waiting in Namibia for a few extra days so we could catch up.  They were traveling with an Australian boat, ‘Tin Tin’ who we had not met before.  While in Walvis Bay we caught up with both boats and had lunch out a few times while there.  Little did we know at the time, that we would go on to spend many months more with Divanty during our crossing of the Atlantic.


We had lunch with our friends Divanty and Tin tin, while eating this pair of pelicans kept us entertained with their antics. Even they have a faint pink tint to their feathers, like the flamingos.


The one time I’m glad we don’t have a catamaran was in Walvis Bay, although we loved driving past and seeing the cute, cheeky seals sitting on the back step, I’m not sure I would want to tackle one to get them off.

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