Sukhothai – 15-16/1/2013

We arrived in the town of Sukhothai on Wednesday the 16th of January. Andrew and I left the kids at the hotel to swim in the pool and we hired a scooter and went for a drive out to Sukhothai. It was peaceful and very few people, we wandered around and had a look at a few temples. Little did we know what tomorrow would bring.

On Thursday we went out to Sukhothai with everyone. We hired bikes for the kids, one with trainer wheels for Ava. Max insisted he didn’t need trainer wheels; after he fell a few times and had skinned knees, Andrew took his bike back. Max then took it in turns with riding Ava’s bike and sitting on the seat on the back of Andrew’s bike. It was a little stressful to keep everyone together and going in the same direction.

There was a big festival on the day we went and it turned the quiet Sukhothai of yesterday into a congestion of bikes, cars, elephants, monks and endless people, all of which, on bikes, we had to dodge. Nan and Pop walked and went off on their own. It was pretty hot so we made our way around fairly quickly looking at the different temples, moats around the temples, Buddha figures and of course, lotus flowers. It was very beautiful and it was unfortunate that there was a festival because it detracted from an otherwise peaceful place. I think Josh and Tristan enjoyed, Max and Ava not so much.

In the afternoon, Andrew took Ava on a ride on the scooter.

– Karen

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