Swakopmund, Dune 7 and Salt Pans

We spent a couple of weeks last year in Namibia so we only spent one day sightseeing while here. We hired a car and started our drive to Swakopmund stopping at Dune 7 on the way.  Dune 7 is the tallest dune in Namibia at 383 m and named because its the 7th dune after the river Tsauchab.  The day we hired the car was unbelievably hot, there is usually a breeze in Walvis Bay, but not today.  We arrived at the dune and nobody wanted to get out of the car, the heat was oppressive.  We chose not to sandboard or do the dune buggies, there is a company out at Dune 7 and there are several others that do trips out there.  Having not done it, I can’t really recommend anyone. This is definitely an activity for a cooler day and either early morning or late afternoon if you are there in February/March.

After Dune 7 we continued on to Swakopmund, a beach resort town with German colonial architecture.  We did walk around the town, but within an hour everyone was sweaty and irritable, so after finding some cool drinks we all opted to head back to Walvis Bay for lunch.

Our last stop for the day was to Walvis Bay Salt Holdings.  There is a road that leads you past the evaporation pans and past the mountains of salt.  This company produces over 700 000 tons of high quality salt a year, most of the salt you buy in South Africa comes from here.  Flamingos are also found around the salt pans and Walvis Bay due to the algae in the pans.  This algae is what gives the flamingo the pink coloring. There are generally more of the greater flamingos seen in Walvis Bay than the lesser ones.  However, I think the ones we saw were the lesser flamingos because their beaks were almost maroon with black tips.

DSCF0367 (800x375)

On our way to the German town of Swakopmund we stopped at Dune 7 for a look.  It was record temperatures on the day we visited and nobody wanted to get out of the car.

We drove out to the Walvis Bay Salt Holdings to look at the flamingos.  They are a very light pink colour, which is determined by what they eat.

20170320_141652 (800x320)

Ava with the flamingos in the background

Written by Karen

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