The Town of Luderitz

We walked around Luderitz a few times getting a few more provisions and parts to make a few repairs.  One afternoon just Andrew and I went out for a walk around and looked at some of the large, wealthy homes and some of the colonial architecture.  The main road is paved but once beyond that its all sandy roads.


Downtown Luderitz

We did find a little oasis in Luderitz when we stopped at the garden cafe for a drink and cake.  The servings were large and I think I had the best carrot cake I have ever eaten and Andrew enjoyed his cheesecake.  We sat out in their lush little garden enjoying our food when a large tortoise walked by, he/she was very accustomed to visitors and paid us no attention at all.

Garden Cafe

The Garden Cafe does not have its own website, but if you click on the link you can read about it in lonely planet.  It does light meals as well as hot drinks, cakes, slices and cookies.  Its located on 17 Hafen Street, Luderitz.  Contact number: 081 124 831

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