Tiger Kingdom – 14/1/2013

The Chiang Mai branch of Tiger Kingdom was set up in 2008, providing both money to support captive breeding of tigers, to preserve the species, and new environments for the tigers to live. There have been claims that the Tiger Kingdom drugs or abuses its tigers, but far more that argue against these claims. In our visit, we saw no evidence of drugged or beaten tigers, and the staff did warn us about how to handle the tigers, as they are still wild and not dominated creatures. Well run, and allowed for close interaction with these big cats.


When we got to the Tiger Kingdom we had lunch, which was a buffet, then we went to our tigers but we parted. Ava, Dad and I went to the baby ones, Tristan and Mum did the small, and Pop, Nana and Josh went to the big ones. When we got there we had to take off our shoes. We went in and had pictures with the tigers, then we went back to the hotel.

– Max.


We went to the Tiger Kingdom on Monday; we had lunch first. We got a tiger then I got a stuffed teddy, then we went to an umbrella store; we bought a t-shirt, and people painted two butterflies on mine, on Max’s one is a tiger, and on Josh’s is a tiger.

– Ava


When we went to the Tiger Kingdom we first had lunch, a buffet, and then we went to the tigers. We got the choice of smallest, small, medium and largest tigers. I chose the largest tigers with Nana and Pop, we waited for about 45 minutes.

When we finally entered, we got to stroke the tigers, whose fur felt coarse, but soft like a dog’s; we also got to rest our heads on their bodies. We then went to the side of the pool where they had a large tiger jump in front of us for an action photo.

– Josh


We were given a choice of big tiger, medium tiger, small tiger and smallest tiger to go in with for ten minutes.

We had lunch first. It was a buffet and I had a Thai dessert which tasted like rice pudding.

When we (Mum and I) were ready, we went into the small tigers’ cage. There were four tigers inside. Three tigers were asleep. As we approached, the awake tiger was lying on a log, gnawing a stick. He didn’t mind us coming up to pose; in fact, he seemed more concerned with his stick than us.

The next tiger was a female and we sat right next to her. We noticed then that all the tigers had white spots in the backs of their ears; didn’t know that! The photographer had me lay down with the tiger and rest my head on her back. We then left.

– Tristan


Tourist Information:

Prices for the tigers vary, according to which tigers you visit. For one person, to see the giant tigers, it is 1300 baht; for a big tiger, 700, for a medium, 600, and so on.

There is also a restaurant at the Chiang Mai branch, where we had lunch; they can take reservations, and for a buffet lunch it is 270 Baht.

Open on all days, even public holidays, from 8 am to 5 pm. However, if you want to have your full hour with the tigers, you’d have to have gotten your ticket by 4 pm, as the park closes at exactly 5.

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