Umbrella Factory – 14/1/2013

The Bo Sang Handicraft Centre is home to many artists who will gladly and cheaply paint t-shirts, fans of all kinds, umbrellas and more. The paintings are fast and professional, and will last a long time if washed properly.


After the Tiger Kingdom, we went to an umbrella factory. Kate and Mr A, our guide and driver, respectively, (photo of them with Kate’s new umbrella) explained the process and then took us into the shop where the kids each got a plain black T-shirt and then took it out to the factory where you could choose one of the artists and get them to hand paint something on your shirt. Max and Josh got tigers, Tristan got a dragon, and Ava, butterflies. They were all really impressed with them. I got a fan and chose a design and it was painted in 30 minutes and looks awesome.

– Karen

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