Wat Pho, the Emerald Buddha, and the Grand Palace – 23/1/2013

On the 23rd of January, 2013, we went to The Grand Palace, the Emerald Buddha, and Wat Pho.

We first went to Wat Pho, which had the largest reclining Buddha we have seen and a lot of Buddha statues and a roof with statues of dragons and dragon scale roof tiles.

After that we went to the temple, which contained the Emerald Buddha, which was very disappointing considering the size of the other Buddha’s we had seen, but the temples which were around the Buddha were very interesting, with giants and the Royal Chapel.

We then went to The Grand Palace, which is not used except when other leaders come to stay in it. Also, there was a big weapons museum which had everything from elephant spears to guns and cannons. There were also white-dressed soldiers which were basic.

– Josh

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