Castellane Champagne – 20/5/2016

This was our second visit to the Champagne region, we came here in 2002, when there was just two children.  There are many different Champagne places that you can tour and taste champagne depending on your tastes.  Andrew organised our trip and found a place where we could do an English speaking tour and tasting, without having to book in advance.  So we headed off to Castellane Champagne.

DSCF8778 (581x800)

The Castellane Champagne house is located in Epernay in the Champagne region, it was started by Viscount Florens de Castellane, in 1895.  Prior to your guided tour you can climb the tower which has posters through the decades advertising the champagne and visit the museum with equipment that was previously used in the champagne process. Your guided tour takes you down through part of the 6 km of chalk cellars.  Our guide gave a thorough explanation of the bottling methods and how they have changed from when first brewed by the monks to present day. 

The day we visited the bottling process had finished so the process was explained to us, as was how they get the different levels of sweetness in demi-sec and brut champagnes.  Following the tour you get to sample the Castellane Brut, which was very nice, but I’m still attached to my prosecco at the moment.

DSCF8775 (800x600)

A small portion of the champagne stored in the tunnels.

Photo 1 (600x800)

From our visit in 2002

Tourist Information for Castellane Champagne

Tour Times: 

  • Tours operate from the 12th March until the 23rd of December
  • Guided tours are between 10 am – 11 am/2 pm – 5 pm
  • You need to contact them to get times and days that English tours are run.  Contact Details: Phone +33 3 266 51 19 11 or email 


Guided tours start at €14 per person and includes a glass of Castellane Brut

Official Website:

Written by Karen

Updated January 2018

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