Chateau de Cheverny – 15/6/2016

Chateau de Cheverny was built between 1620 and 1640 and has been home to the Harault family for over six hundred years.  The Marquis and Marquise of Vibraye are the current members of the family that live on the third floor of the chateau, not open to the public.  The chateau first opened its doors to the public in 1922.

The chateau’s exterior is built from the Bourre stone, a whitish stone which becomes lighter in colour as it ages.  The rooms open to the public are presented as they would have been in the 17th century, they are complete with tapestries from Flanders, furniture dating from the 16th and 17th century and paintings by outstanding artists of the time.  The use of everyday objects like crockery, toys and musical instruments throughout the rooms brings the 17th century to life for those who visit.

DSCF9315 (800x633)

The Armory 

The armory contains a selection of weapons; crossbows, swords and arquebuses from the 15th – 17th century as well as armor, including a child’s set belonging to a four year old count.  The room also contains beautiful tapestries.

The Library and Music Rooms

The library and music room are two more beautiful rooms, the library contains over 1000 antique books and the music room has a harp from the late 18th century.

The Dining Rooms

The dining room does contain exquisite period furniture, but it stands out due to the unique 34 wooden painted panels on the walls, from the 17th century novel Don Quixote.  The smaller dining area is set with porcelain and crystal giving the chateau a lived in appearance.

Child’s Room

A child’s room with furniture dating from the 17th century, has added interest with toys from Napoleon III’s era.

DSCF9324 (800x586)

The Park and Gardens

The apprentice gardens have a formal layout and are complemented with fountains and sculptures.  There is also a large, open park with mature trees and a canal, here you can hire boats and/or electric cars during the summer. There is an orangery in the gardens which serves drinks, cakes and light meals and you can find a quite spot to relax and enjoy the ambiance.

The Kennels

The Chateau keeps over 100 hounds with are a cross between French Poitevin and English Foxhound, that are kept for hunting.  They weren’t particularly active when we were there, as you can see.  If you are interested in seeing the hounds fed, the website gives a list of days and times to see it.

DSCF9343 (677x800)
Marlinspike Hall

Not being Tintin fans, we didn’t visit the exhibit at the chateau.  The writer of Tintin, Herge, used the chateau as his model for the setting of his comic series.  The interactive exhibit lets you explore Tintin’s world.

Tourist Information Chateau de Cheverny

Opening Hours:

  • 1st of November – 31st of March – 10 am – 5 pm
  • 1st of April – 31st of October – 9.15 am – 6.30 pm


2018 Chateau & Gardens Chateau, Gardens & The Secrets of Marlinspike Hall Chateau, Gardens, Ride on Electric Boats and Cars Chateau, Gardens, Secrets of Marlinspike Hall & Electric Boats and Cars
Tariffs for Individuals
Adult €11.50 €16 €16.50 €21
Children > 7

Students < 25

€8.20 €12.10 €12.30 €16.20
Children Under 7 Free Free €4 €4
Guided Tour Audio Tour is €4.50 per person
Tariffs for Groups

(Minimum 20)

No Guide Audio


No guide Audio


No Guide Audio


No Guide Audio


Adult €7.20 €8.70 €11.20 €12.70 €11.30 €12.80 €15.30 €16.80
Children 7 – 14 €4.30 €4.30 €7.30 €7.30 €7.40 €7.40 €10.40 €10.40
Children Under 7 For prices use the contact us form on website

Official Website:

Written by Karen

Last updated: January 2018

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