Musee Somme 1916 – 17/5/2016

The Somme Museum is located in Albert, in the heart of the Somme battlefields.  The town itself suffered considerable damage during WW1, including the large bascillica near the museum, which had to be rebuilt.

The Somme Museum is housed in old WW1 tunnels, that were converted in 1938 as air raid shelters for WW2.  To get to the tunnels 10 m below ground, you will descend about 60 steps to reach the long gallery which houses scenes of what life was like in the trenches during WW1.  The 15 different scenes in the museum show scenes of living and resting in the trenches and what medical care was like there, from both the Allied and German side.  It is a very cool museum, especially for kids to help them visualise the difficult living conditions of the trenches.  As you leave the tunnels there is a sound and light display to give you the experience of night bombing. 

They also have a fantastic souvenir shop with poppy products, French, German and British coins from the WW1 time period, military objects (bayonets, bomb shells, helmets, badges etc) as well as the usual magnets and key rings. 

A very good museum for the whole family, I would highly recommend it.  

Visitor Information for the Musee Somme

Opening Hours

  • Open from January – 23rd to Mid December
  • Operating hours 9 am – 6 pm, 7 days a week


Individual Museum Entrance:

  • Adult – €6.50
  • Child (Under 18) – €4
  • Child (Under 6) – free

Groups of 10 or more people for Museum Entrance:

  • Adult – €5.50 (for every 25 people one adult is free)
  • Children (under 18) – €3.40 (for every 10 children, one is free)
  • Children under 6 – free
  • For groups at a cost of €50 you can get a guided tour and weaponry demonstration.

Museum and 2 1/2 hour guided battlefields tour of your choice in a minibus within an area of 30 km from Albert, price is per person

  • Cost: 1 person – €148, 2 people – €81, 3 people – €58, 4 people – €47,  5 people – €40, 6 people – €36, 7 people – €32

A tailor made package can be arranged through the museum, for between 1 – 6 hrs

Official Website:

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