Naval del Caribe (Navy Museum of the Caribbean) – 12/1/2018

The Naval Museum, located in Santa Teresa Plaza, holds much of Cartagena’s marine history. The museum opened in 1988 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the arrival of Colombus to the new world. The museum is housed in what was once a Jesuit college.  The signs were all in Spanish, so we had a tour-guide take us around the museum, speaking in heavily-accented English. Displays and diagrams showed various attacks of pirate fleets and invading privateers, a recurring theme in Cartagena’s history, due to the vast amounts of gold found shipped from Cartagena back to Spain.

Hidden tunnels, disguised forts and tall walls all showed the evolution of Cartagena to protect against these threats from the sea and as we walked through the museum, we saw the changing naval systems of Cartagena. On the top floor, we entered a submarine simulation, during which alarms, jolts and lights all traumatised and convinced me of what not to do as a career later in life. A coast guard simulation seemed much more my speed, mainly because there were no loud noises involved. We learned about Cartagena’s involvement in the Korean war, modern naval training and simply wandered around to soak up as much information as we could, while we had the time. It was an interesting tour and very educational.

Tourist information:

Opening Hours: 9 am – 5 pm, every day

Costs: Adults – $16 000, Children – under 12 – $2000 (this may change, though; our tickets were $16000 for adults, $5000 for anyone under 18)

Official Website:

Researched and written by Tristan

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