Historic Cartagena Buildings

Torre del Reloj (Clock Tower)

You can easily see Torre del Reloj, the clock tower, from many points in Cartagena. Torre del Reloj, also called the Boca del Puente which mean ‘the mouth of the bridge ‘ and it linked Getsamani with the old city by a draw bridge.  The draw bridge was lowered to allow the poor into the city to work during the day and opened at night to keep them out. The clock tower had two rooms either side of the main entrance, which were a chapel and a gun room, but now they are entrance arches. 

In 1874, the clock was switched with a clock from the USA and then replaced again 63 years later with a Swiss clock. The clock tower, or Torre del Reloj is a beautiful clock tower, at night it is lit up.  We were there just after Christmas, so the arches were also decorated with Christmas lights.  I think the clock tower is probably one of the most beautiful buildings in Cartagena.

Researched and written by Ava

Theater Adolfo Mejia

On the ruins of Church of La Merced a theater was built (Theater Adolfo Mejia) in 1905. The church was closed for renovations in 1988 but 10 years later it was re-opened and is still used for other cultural events. The theater is meant to be styled like a European opera house. The theater was built like a horseshoe but of course there are balconies and boxes. There are also sculptures and stairs inside made of Italian marble.

The theater was established in 1911 to celebrate the 100th year of independence in Cartagena. Some of the materials to make the theater consist of Portuguese wood, Italian marble and the roof’s inside was painted and decorated beautifully by Enrique Grau. We didn’t go in the theater but we stopped and sat outside it when we were enjoying the end of our walking tour. 

DSCF1824 (800x519)

Researched and written by Ava

Las Bovedas

We visited Las Bovedas, which originally was built between 1792 and 1796 and used as dungeons in the city.  The Spanish later used them to store provisions and munitions before using them again as a jail.  Today they are used for shops filled with artistic bracelets and paintings. I quite enjoyed looking around the shops, at the bracelets, necklaces, hats, paintings and many other beautiful souvenirs.

Researched and written by Ava

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