Christmas 2017


The kids decorated the boat at the start of December, while we were still in Martinique.  They had actually started making cork ornaments a few weeks earlier in Grenada in preparation for Christmas and had a great time doing it.

Once the tree was decorated, which doesn’t take long due to its size, they took it a step further and decorated Tristan and called him a Tristmas Tree, which they thought was hilarious.

20171201_204007 (800x633)

Andrew and Ava decided to keep their Christmas Eve tradition going of painting each others nails.  Andrew decided to go multi-coloured this year with green and red, while Ava opted for her new metallic blue nail polish given to her by Uliad.

T’was the night before Christmas and the Totem kids and ours decided to do a night swim off the boats.  Unfortunately it did not end well for all participants, with Max being stung by a jellyfish up one arm.  It appears that he not only has an allergy to wasps and bees but perhaps also jellyfish.  After a couple of days of antihistamine the swelling went down but it took 10 days before it completely went.  Poor Maxee.

DSCF1690 (800x599)

This was our first Christmas without Santa coming to the boat and without Josh with us, the kids told me its not the same now, Christmas has lost its magic. The kids all got a box of chocolate snails with their Christmas gifts, how French?

We did have a lovely Christmas dinner with a roast leg of lamb, baked ham and roast vegetables, followed by a baked cheesecake and rum balls. The kids also enjoyed some Martinique cider and eggnog.

DSCF1699 (800x585)

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