Gingerbread Houses – 14 – 15/12/2017 – Ava

Gingerbread houses originally came from Germany during the 16th century, although there are many different recipes for gingerbread.  People started liking the gingerbread houses even more when the story of Hansel and Gretel was written by the Brothers Grimm.

On the 14th of December my brothers and I, with my mother’s help started making gingerbread houses. At first it wasn’t going to well because one of my brothers’ house had started to lean forward like it was going to snap, then part of my roof broke but all was fixed with extra icing. I also made stained glass windows by breaking some hard candy and melting it in the oven, then sticking it to the back of the cut out whole I made in the front and back walls. Overall, they turned out okay, but they tasted even better.

My Gingerbread house complete with stained glass windows

Tristan’s gingerbread pyramid, he went a little overboard with the lollies

Max’s gingerbread house

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