Reunion with Uliad

During 2012 we sailed with a number of kid boats (Relapse, Uliad, Miss Behaving) from Darwin, Australia through Indonesia and up to Singapore.  Andrew got an unexpected facebook message from Steve, off Uliad asking whether we would be in Bonaire around Christmas time.  As it turned out we did end up in Bonaire a couple of weeks before Christmas and stayed until Boxing Day and were fortunate to catch up with the Uliad crew; Steve, Kathleen and Emmett.

It was soooo lovely to catch up after 5 years and see how much all of our kids have changed and how the Ericksons have settled into life back in the States.  Its amazing how quickly you can pick back up a friendship as if no time has passed.  What I did find refreshing is how Cathleen and Steve, though now settled back into suburbia, still hold dear their family time, watch little TV and dislike the world’s need to constantly be connected on the phone instead of the face to face time with family and friends.  We were fortunate to catch up several times for drinks and a sweets/game night while reminiscing on past travels. 

The kids making sundaes, after eating brownies and cookies.

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