Carti Sugdup – 17/2/2017

After re-provisioning in Rio Diablo, somewhat successfully, the internet tower still seemed to be down, so we headed for Carti for some internet so the kids could send in some school work.  The islands that closely, surround Carti Sugdup are very populated, with homes extending to the island edges.  The water is reminiscent of Bali, filthy.  As there is no sewerage system in place, the toilets run directly into the water, it is also the place that the rubbish is dumped, you definitely don’t want to swim here.

DSCF2204 (800x404)

The island is a bit unsightly, especially viewing it from afar and once you dinghy ashore you enter a rabbit warren of tiny streets, that are filled to capacity with a mixture of concrete structures and small thatched roof homes. You do have to look where you are going, as some of the house roofs are very low and are made from corrugated steel, which could easily have you in need for a tetanus shot if you are not careful. 

20141231_190250 (518x800)

One of the more spacious streets in Carti Sugdup

While trying to find a store that had papayas we asked a group of friendly girls who were happy to lead us to a store that had papaya, pineapple and other fruits and vegetables that we needed.  While leading the way we did find out that they were aged between 8 and 14, some of which had a little English.  On our way back we bumped into the same girls again.  They asked us what else we needed to find and we told them bread or pana, which they were unsure where we could find that so we thanked them and headed off on our own.  

The island is a strange mix of traditional and modern, with some of the ladies wearing the traditional molas, wrap around skirts, muswe headscarf and wini the wrapping of beads around the arms and legs and others wearing western clothing.  As can be seen in the photo below.

20141231_190212 (619x596)

The photo below is of one of the houses/shops that we past that were selling traditional molas.  We also passed a quite a few homes with hand cranked singer sewing machines, that don’t require electricity, which was pretty cool.

20141231_190055 (568x800)

Our group of girls caught up with us again and were very excited to show us where we could get bread.  So we followed them and got our bread.  They were eager to know what else we needed to get so they could show us, unfortunately that was all we needed.  It was lovely to see so many kids outside playing, big smiles on their faces and saying ‘hola’ to us. 

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