Could This Be Gilligan’s Island? – 7/2/2018

As we were coming into the first of the western San Blas Islands, we spotted this island off our starboard side, we all thought it looked like what we would imagine Gilligan’s Island to look like.  We anchored nearby and took the dinghy, while everyone sang the Gilligan’s Island theme song, to shore to explore.

DSCF2061 (800x446)

As beautiful as the island looked from afar, once we got ashore we discovered it was littered with plastic bottles, shoes and other household debris, kind of spoiled the outlook.  Tristan and did find this a starfish upside down and assumed it was dead, until he picked it up and noticed it was still moving, after the obligatory photo Tristan set it back right side up in the water and it washed back out.

Apart from the litter we did find various shells, coconuts and fallen palm trees to keep everyone occupied for awhile. 

There was not a lot of beach on our little island so we went to another of the many in the area.

DSCF2091 (800x388) (2) This island had starfish, lots of starfish.  The island is surrounded by seagrass and amongst the grass were starfish, in quite shallow water.  It was amazing that you would spot one, walk closer to it and then discover another 4 or 5 just nearby, yet from a distance you couldn’t see them.  I enjoyed the starfish, while the Totem and Utopia kids wandered the island looking for treasures.

Tristan’s treasure was a large set of crab claws, minus the crab and yes he did leave them on the island.  Andrew relaxed on the dinghy and chatted to Jamie.

Unfortunately like the previous island, this one too, was littered with plastic and other rubbish.

DSCF2078 (800x290)

Written by Karen

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