Esnasdup – 14/2/2018 – 16/2/2018

We spent two nights anchored near the island of Esnasdup.  The anchorage had quite a few boats and is quite a popular spot.  We went to the island with the ‘biggest beach’ which was actually quite small.  We wandered the circumference or most of the circumference of the small island with Totem.  Niall and Tristan did found yet another plastic doll head, which they added to a stick and carried around with them.  A lot of rubbish on the beach but not a lot to see, so most of the adults (excluding me) went for a swim while Niall and Tristan dug a hole, turns out they had spotted something and after some digging it was a rolly suitcase, which held their interest for about 5 minutes.

Niall found this huge sand dollar, I have never seen one before and it was still alive.  Tristan brought it over so I could have a look, the underside was undulating, which felt very weird.  After having a look it was returned to the water.

DSCF2197 (800x587)

When you look at the sand dollar against Tristan’s hand you can appreciate how big it actually is.

DSCF2198 (588x800)

Ava found this little hermit crab and a few shells.  She also enjoyed walking, talking, swimming and playing volleyball with Siobhan.  They never seem to run out of things to say to each other.

DSCF2190 (800x600)

Unfortunately the beach was filled with no-see-ums, which eventually had us retreating to our boats to avoid further bites.

Written by Karen

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