Isla Pinos – 29/1/2018

On route to our anchorage at Isla Pinos, Tristan decided to pull out his fishing gear including a new reel.  Some of the hooks were looking a little rusty so he got to work with the sharpening stone to sharpen them up, unfortunately it didn’t lead to any fish for dinner.

Brief Overview of Isla Pinos

The Kunas name for the island is Tupak which means whale and from a distance the island does look like a whale.  There are two villages on the island, Mamimulu and Pinos/Tupak.

The islands height reaches 150m which had made it popular with pirates and privateers in the past, including Francis Drake, who used the bay in 1571 to plan his attack on Nombre de Dios.

Our Time in Isla Pinos

We had a lazy afternoon, the kids went to shore for a swim and play, Tristan did a bit of fishing and we watched the fishermen casting nets while drinking sun-downers.

DSCF1942 (800x344)

A local guy offered  to take us on a hike up to the radio station at the top of the 150 m hill, so we hiked over to the village to meet him.  On the way there we passed the local cemetery, each plot is covered in a tent like structure with palm fronds and seem to have objects of importance to that person left with them, in the case of the person below, there was a cup and saucer and clay urn.

This is a burial if you look closely they bury people with objects important to them in this case a cup and saucer

After asking a few people we were eventually guided to the home of our guide.  We met his wife and kids before departing on our trek uphill.

DSCF1948 (800x488)

It was a bit of a hike up hill through some mud.  We did see an empty toucan egg and were shown various plants on the way up.  We reached the radio tower and if you were prepared to climb the steps you could get a view of the anchorage and islands below.

DSCF1952 (502x800)

When we reached the bottom there was much excitement as a young guy had paddled to the mainland and caught a deer, which you can see in the canoe.  Judging by how excited his wife was, I imagine meat is a rarity.

DSCF1958 (800x654)

Our walk back took us past the dugout canoes loaded with fishing gear waiting for the evening fish.

What I found funny on our way back was the stuffed jaguar in the tree.  Apparently there are none on the island just the mainland, I guess they have there own stuffed variety on this island.

DSCF1965 (551x800)

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