Mamitupu – 31/1/2018

Mamiputu is one of the very traditional villages in the San Blas and you can’t take photos at all on the island.  The kids were very friendly and either followed you around or raced out of their homes to wave and shout hola with huge smiles lighting their faces.  One small group of local kids, joined both ours and Totem’s kids near our dinghies and threw what started as a ball between them, but eventually turned to coconuts, giggling as the game went on. 

One side of the island is very crowded with houses, while the other side less due to being inhabited by an evil spirit.  Andrew and the kids met a local man building on the less populated side of the island, who had found ambergris and broken it up to smaller pieces which he had intended to sell for a lot of money to the French.  His plan for the money he made was to build and open a restaurant.

DSCF1977 (800x418)

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