Peurto Escoses – 28/1/2018

Peurto Escoses offers a very calm, protected bay to anchor in.  There was three thatched cottages over the water occupied by a family of five and grandma and a second family in some thatched cottages on shore.  During our visit the family was busy preparing their dugout to carry their goods to market.  Totem was asked if they could take the family as the sea state was bad and it is a long trip to make in a dugout canoe.  Totem were surprised to find that not only did they take the family, but the gun, chainsaw and all their important belongings.  I guess when you have little you look after it and take it with you.

Remote anchorage where two families live, no electricity, phone or water

This pretty little anchorage with the thatched cottages has no running water, electricity or plumbing.DSCF1934 (800x585)

Brief History of the Bay

In 1698, the English Bank co-founder, William Patterson, organised and financed an expedition to establish a settlement in Peurto Escoses, including building Fort Andrew, which only ruins remain.  The Scotts who came to settle faced starvation and disease and had returned to Scotland within two years.  After their return a new fleet arrived to continue the work under similar circumstances.  In 1702 the settlement was abandoned with around 2000 of the 3000 workers having died.

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