Rio Diablo – 4/2/2018

Rio Diablo is the beginning of the western San Blas and the first place in Panama where you can get a sim card and internet, which on our first visit I in particular was desperate for.


Rio Diablo is made up of two separate islands and villages, Nargana (Yandup) and Corazon de Jesus, they are joined by a walking bridge.

20180216_114304 (800x498)

The bridge between Corazon de Jesus and Nargana

Neither of the two villages follow the traditional Kuna way of life, although during our many visits we did see a few women in the traditional clothing.  Generally speaking the kuna are thin people, particularly their legs, in both of the villages in Rio Diablo there was quite a few overweight people and a lot of beer seemed to be flowing on the weekends.  On a positive note, each time we visited, there were kids and adults playing on both of the basketball/volleyball courts and around the houses we saw kids playing catch, volleyball, soccer and basketball.

Adults and Children seem to enjoy basketball on both of the islands.  I love the makeshift basketball net someone has rigged up.


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