Snug Harbour – 1 – 3/2/2018

With Tristan’s birthday a day away we were looking for an anchorage with a nice beach where we could BBQ, have a cake and the kids could play.  We passed by our anchorage of choice after seeing how rolly and large the waves were surrounding it and ended up anchoring in the protected area of Snug Harbour.

DSCF2013 (800x435)

During our stay we were visited by a few different local in their dugout canoes selling local produce like coconuts, bananas and fresh bread as well as the traditional hand sewn molas.  Behan and I spent about an hour looking through one families molas and trying to decide on what to purchase, I ended up with two and Behan quite a few.  The mola is made using rectangular pieces of fabrics layered on top of each other, any where from 2 – 7 layers.  They then cut out various shapes on the layers of the mola and use reverse applique to create geometric patterns and/or animals.  It is all hand stitched with tiny stitching.  The two rectangles are then used to create the front and back of a traditional blouse, extra material is added to create sleeves and neckline.  A lot of work goes into making them and offers small communities the ability to make some money by selling them to tourists.  I think mine will eventually be used to create a pillow for our lounge area.

DSCF1984 (800x579)

We went to a nearby picturesque little island, dotted with palm trees for Tristan’s 17th birthday.  While Andrew BBQ sausages, most of the kids played volleyball and swam, no crocodiles were spotted.

After a relaxing lunch, more volleyball and swimming we finished off with a pina colada cake on the beach.

DSCF1994 (800x598)

The kids entertained themselves with tightrope walking, not so successful, limbo, three legged races and swimming.

Happy Birthday Tristan!!!

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