Pachapapa Restaurant – Cusco – 24/9/2018

Our first night in Cusco we decided to dine at the Pachapapa Restaurant.  The restaurant serves traditional Peruvian food, as well as some western meals like calzone and pizzas.  We went for the Peruvian food and the ambient outdoor patio dining.

The restaurant is located in the San Blas neighbourhood opposite the San Blas Church and near the picturesque Plaza, in an old converted mansion.

P1060175 (800x533)

San Blas Plaza and Cathedral, the restaurant is in the far right corner.

We opted for the outdoor dining area and the waiters brought out a heat lamp to keep us warm.  The restaurant is tastefully decorated and although filled with tourist, it had a great atmosphere with people eagerly recounting their days events, music and candles  and wonderful smells wafting from the kitchen.

We started with an entree of pork, potatoes and toasted chulpe maize. It was a large entree and the interesting thing was the toasted chulpe maize, a variety of corn, which tasted a bit like a crunchy popcorn. While Andrew tried the baked Cuy, I opted for the marinated Alpaca kebabs with more potatoes and salad.  We were seated near the oven and watched the process of cooking the cuy, while enjoying a drink.  Although Andrew enjoyed his cuy, there was not a lot of meat on it and it was probably a once in a lifetime experience. I thought the Alpaca was very nice and tasted like steak.

The view of the San Blas Plaza on route back to our hotel after dinner.

P1060212 (800x537)

For more information on Pachapapa restaurant visit their website:


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